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      Xuzhou Vat Chemical Co,. Ltd is located in the historical and cultural city - Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, mainly producing high-grade vat dyes and organic pigments, with four production bases, including three synthetic plants, a dye productive plant. The company has perfect quality controlling and testing equipment. Products are mainly exported to the United States, Europe and Japan and other markets.

      Corporation forever to "Quality is the life of company" for business purposes, with "technical innovation, the pursuit for excellence" for the enterprise concept, to "honest business, customer first" of enterprise idea, to "mutual benefit and creat a win-win situation" for business principles, to "technology, management, capital markets and international standards" as the business goals, to create a special road, that is - industrialization, technology, service-oriented co-operative, international.
      Vat Chemical, warmly welcome you to visit and cooperate!

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